Fun at Mitch Baird and Eric Jacobsen’s Workshops this month

It is always a challenge to fit in seasons of learning when you are constantly performing the tasks of your business. Sometimes you reach those plateaus or have a series of paintings where you know you are missing core areas of good painting. Instruction from good professional painters who teach well are so valuable to emerging professional artists. I’m blessed to live in the Portland, Oregon area where there are so many well schooled nationally and internationally ranked professionals who are willing to take the time to teach. Many Thanks to artists like Mitch Baird & Eric Jacobsen, who travel back to Oregon occasionally to give work shops.

In my own back yard is Jennifer Diehl, Thomas Kits, Yer Za Vu, Eric, Bowman, Joanne, Mehl, Joanne Kollam &Karen Lewis who also occasionally offer workshops. Many more within doable driving distance. It seems Oregon is a magnet to great artists.

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